• L25” X W20” X H24”
  • 7 GAL.
  • 53 LBS.

Thermal energy, Not electric energy

The “Draw Tube” is really three tubes. Two copper and one CPVC. As the water gets cold in the drinking bowl, it becomes heavier and sinks down the CPVC tube forcing the warm tank water up the copper tubes into the drinking bowl. This keeps the water in the bowl from freezing by slowly circulating it and replenishing it with warmer water from the bottom of the reservoir.

In addition, the copper tubes are designed with a large surface area in the Feed Trap. Since copper is an excellent heat conductor, heat is transferred from the tank water to the trap area through the copper tube walls.

For Energy Free Models in marginal climates, you need enough animals drinking to keep water in the tank warm enough to provide heat energy (At least 15 head per drinking bowl.) Otherwise a small 65-watt heater may be added to make the JUG Energy Efficient. In either case it is primarily thermal energy, not electrical energy keeping the water fresh and at a constant temperature, summer and winter. The average electrical cost for a JUG Livestock Waterer is $10.00 for the Entire Sea-son.

The Jug is super insulated with urethane foam to conserve heat loss, and is very reliable in extreme cold and wind chills.

It’s like a Thermos JUG.