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I am a mixed animal veterinarian in southeastern Indiana with 20+ years’ experience.  I became associated with Cowco and Joe Biehle about 10 years ago at the North American International Livestock Exposition.  At that time, I was wanting to purchase a new portable cattle chute.  After researching multiple brands, I decided to go with the Cowco portable chute.  This chute had many features that I liked.  Since then, I have worked with Joe on various other cattle products.  Joe and the staff at Cowco are always very friendly and helpful.  When I visited the 2017 NAILE, I was excited to see that there was a new attachment for a head and neck restraint.  I knew I was all in!  The attachment was very easy to assemble, very narrow, and it does not get in the way of the other attachments.  After using it for a group of cows, I was very pleased with how it helped to keep the cows from kneeling down during palpations.  If anyone has a Cowco cattle chute, I feel that this is necessary addition!

Dr. Rob Jackman

Jackman Animal Clinic P.C.

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